Your Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience

The Thrill of Riding Aloft!

Join us for the romance and thrill of a hot air balloon flight. Experience the excitement of watching your 7-story high rainbow balloon inflate and come to life. You settle into the flight gondola and, as daylight breaks, begin to drift lazily up from the earth, almost as if you were rising right along with the sun. Only the occasional burst of heat from the balloon’s burners break the morning stillness. The famous Calgary skyline appears, and you are getting to see it like never before. Can you believe this! Wow!

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Flight Rates

Unique to us, pay only on the morning you fly!

That’s right, no certificate or flight voucher to buy that ties up your money. You pay for your flight, with Visa or Mastercard, on the morning you fly. Weathered out and no flight? Then no payment needed!

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What does it cost? Is it safe? Where can we fly? Why hire you? I’ve got questions!

We get it. We understand that a hot air balloon ride can be both thrilling and scary at the same time. You want to be sure that you’re choosing wisely. How does one go about taking a hot air balloon ride, and what are the things to ask?

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