Your Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience

Your Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience

The Thrill of Riding Aloft!

Join us for the romance and thrill of a hot air balloon flight. Experience the excitement of watching your 7-story high rainbow balloon inflate and come to life. You settle into the flight gondola and, as daylight breaks, begin to drift lazily up from the earth, almost as if you were rising right along with the sun. Only the occasional burst of heat from the balloon’s burners break the morning stillness. The famous Calgary skyline appears, and you are getting to see it like never before. Can you believe this! Wow!

Your panoramic view spans from city rooftops to the majestic splendor of the Rockies. In flight, you barely feel yourself moving, as you’re floating with the wind so you don’t even feel any breeze. It’s as if you are stationary, and the world is turning on parade below you.

It’s breathtaking.


Calgary skyline as taken from Rainbow Balloons, the Hot Air Ballooning Family of Calgary Alberta, and longest running family owned hot air balloon ride tour company in Canada.

Your highly skilled and knowledgeable pilot points out landmarks, answering all your questions. Be sure to bring your binoculars and cameras to make the most of this event, because these will be memories cherished, relived, and talked about for years!

Your pilot will play in the wind currents as you travel out of the city and over the countryside, and eventually head toward an empty field landing. And the landing… well, that’s just as exciting as the rest of the adventure! Your balloon sweeps back to earth, teasingly skimming the grass, before finally touching down. With a deft pull of the release cord, all the hot air escapes from the huge balloon, and the brightly colored envelope drifts to the ground and sleeps once again.

You look up, and it’s a bit surreal and hard to believe that you just spent the morning floating with the birds. You experience this incredible rush; it’s an amazing feeling.

Hang on, though, because it’s not over yet. Every adventure must be toasted, and this was definitely a grand adventure!

You’ll be driven back to the initial launch site to celebrate with the traditional Champagne toast, and indulge in the historic balloon brunch of cheeses, muffins, and special breads and juices. It’s a nod to how the original French aviators finished their flights.

Group enjoying the adventure activity of flying with Rainbow Balloons, the Hot Air Ballooning Family of Calgary Alberta, and longest running family owned hot air balloon ride tour company in Canada.To go along with your photographs and incredible memories, you will be presented with a flight certificate dated and signed by your pilot. Because after all that, you are one of us now – a traveller of the sky. Some say a rare breed. Not everyone does it; not everyone knows how special it is. But now you know what an amazing experience it is!

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